Floral Print High-Waist Pencil Skirt

It’s fashion show time again here in the great city of Portland, Oregon, and that means time to bust out the best wardrobe to wear! For the occasion, I finally got around to make up this pencil skirt that I have been wanting to sew for some time now:



Cheers to my new skirt!


The fabric is the showcase for this project. It’s silk twill from the late designer Oscar de la Renta that I purchased from Mood Fabrics online. I’ve had this beautiful (and spendy) fabric in my stash for two years, and was overdue for it’s time to be made into something wonderful.


Oscar de la Renta Silk Twill


I have been saving some pins on my skirt inspiration board on Pinterest in hopes to make up a simple, yet wonderful, pencil skirt in a floral fabric:


Burda Pattern 7124 was my choice to make up this skirt as I love the slim fit and the high waist of view B:


Burda Pattern 7124


The pattern was a little bit of a challenge to read and interpret the instructions, as well as keep all the pattern pieces of the waistband and waist yoke of the fashion fabric, the lining, and the interfacing straight, marked and in order, but other than that, it was a fairly easy pattern to work with. I added two inches to the hem while cutting it out in order for the finished length to hit just below my knee.

Here is my pattern all laid out on the silk (after making up a muslin mock-up of course) and ready to cut:


Pattern layout moments before cutting


I chose this pattern also because of the nice walking slit and the full lining. I felt that this skirt in this special fabric deserved those features!

I used some black silk habotai that I had in my leftover scraps from another project to line the skirt and that worked out beautifully.


Hand sewing the interior facing and lining to the zipper

I really love the finished result of this skirt and will wear it a lot.


Interior of the skirt


love how the back yoke pieces create the high waist


Front of the skirt


I have about a yard of fabric left over from this project, and may make up a matching top at some point to make this into a two-piece dress outfit. Or, if somebody comes along and would like me to make them a custom skirt or dress from the remaining yardage, let’s talk!



4 thoughts on “Floral Print High-Waist Pencil Skirt

  1. You are so talented! I’m hoping with more practice my things start turning out half as good as yours! What company do you like best for your patterns?

    • Thank you so much Kalene! I’ve had a lot of practice sewing and making garments, and had a lot of not so great projects and many “wadders” too! So practice makes perfect (or at least better), and there is always something to learn, so keep at it.

      As for favorite pattern companies, it depends on what I am planning to make and the level of quality I need out of the pattern and instructions themselves.
      Sometimes I’m looking to make something fast and easy to sew, I’d probably pick a New Look, Burda or any simple pattern from any of the Big 4 pattern companies. If I’m looking for something more detailed and/or challenging, I’d probably search in Vogue, Simplicity, Butterick or McCalls.

      In addition to that, sometimes I need to refer to indie patterns or PDF downloads to get what I am looking for.
      So, it all depends on how much time and patience I have and plan to expend on the project I’m doing.
      Great question and thanks for stopping by my blog!

      P.S.More to come soon!

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