The Joy of a Black Jersey Jumpsuit

Black jersey jumpsuit from McCalls 7135

I finished this jumpsuit just in time to cram into my luggage to bring to the Pattern Review Weekend in LA this past weekend and it was perfect for the occasion! I met with some wonderful fellow sewing enthusiasts and we talked about and shared all things sewing related all weekend. It was amazing!

Speaking of amazing, this jumpsuit was a joy to wear and SO comfortable! I got many compliments on it and it was fun to wear!

I used McCalls pattern 7135 from Khaliah Ali view C.

Khaliah Ali in her jumpsuit and drape cardigan

McCalls 7135 Jumpsuit view C

I have been wanting to make and wear a jumpsuit for some time now, but didn’t think it would look good on me and might pull and tug in all the wrong places. I decided to go for it and tried out this pattern.

I added 5 inches to the pant leg at the “lengthen/shorten here” line, added 1 inch at the bodice front and back, and cut the back with a seam allowance instead of on the fold as the pattern instructed in order to add an exposed zipper here for fashion interest and for ease in removing the garment.

Next time I make this pattern, I would add another inch to the leg so that I can actually make a hem, and take out some vertical length I added to the back so that it doesn’t bag out (I added too much here) for a better fit.

I used a strip of fusible knit interfacing to insert the exposed zipper and it turned out great:

Back of jumpsuit with zipper


So, I think that with experimentation, adjusting for fit, and the right fabric (a.k.a trial and error), plus bumping up the exercise and carefully watching what I eat, jumpsuits are a possibility for me and I will try this pattern, and/or other jumpsuit patterns, in the near future. Why not! If Diane von Furstenberg can do it, and sell out of it, why can’t I!

(Cue: Fashion Inspiration):

Jersey jumpsuit by DVF

Piper Gore knit jumpsuit with pockets

I am overjoyed with my newly sewn jumpsuit, and am glad I tried it out!

Jumpsuit McCalls 7135

With my new sewing buddy Kristin (a.k.a LeftCoast) at PatternReview weekend in Los Angeles.

With my new sewing buddy Kristin (a.k.a LeftCoast) at PatternReview weekend in Los Angeles.

2 thoughts on “The Joy of a Black Jersey Jumpsuit

  1. Your jumpsuit looked great–you should have no qualms about wearing one!
    It was great to meet you–you made that wedding dress for your friend that I just adored and I found your blog because of the review that you wrote about the wedding dress on PR.

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