Little Linen Jacket





I started to make this jacket from New Look 6035 pattern (part of a coordinates pattern) at the end of last summer. I got pretty far with it, but something or other distracted me and I put it aside. Well, I just picked it up last week and decided to finish it. I am trying really hard to finish projects that I have started before I move on to the next best thing that I just have to have. There are just so many things I want to sew!

This jacket is a simple design as it is unlined with princess seams and patch pockets, so I upped the construction factor by making Hong Kong finished seams for most of the seams. I used some leftover printed silk to make the bias strips for the seam bindings. This took about 6 times longer for each interior seam and the sleeve seams as the seams are sewn, then each seam allowance is bound by sewing a bias strip of the silk to both sides of the seam allowance. Lots of work, but it looks great on the inside.

Interior Hong Kong finished seam binding in progress

Interior Hong Kong finished seam binding in progress

Glimpse of interior of jacket over silk dress that I used the scraps from to make bias binding.

Glimpse of interior of jacket over silk dress that I used the scraps from to make bias binding.

I am really happy with my newly completed (or should I say finally completed!) jacket.

interior of jacket

interior of jacket


You will be seeing me in this jacket a lot!

You will be seeing me in this jacket a lot!

Back view of jacket

Back view of jacket

I have enough of the same fabric left to make a pant or a skirt (or even a little sheath dress!), so at some point, after I have gotten through my long, long list of sewing projects I want to accomplish, I will make a piece to make this into a nice linen suit. Exciting!


12 thoughts on “Little Linen Jacket

    • Thank you Norie! The bound seams are pretty cool! I’ve always wanted to try them in an unlined garment, and this was a great learning experience with them. Try it, you won’t be disappointed! -Stephanie

  1. Wonderful jacket! I love the length and the extra time for the seam finishes makes it even more special! You’re certain to get lots of wear out of this!

  2. Did you shorten the jacket? I love where this hits you, but I have cut out the pattern pieces and it seems long to me. I am 5’8″ if that gives you a reference hhpoint!

    • Hi there! I did not change the length of the jacket anywhere. I am 5’9″ and have long limbs. If I remember correctly, the hem of the jacket is pretty deep, something like 1.25″, so keep that in mind when you look at the pattern pieces. Go for it, it’s a great little jacket!

      • Good to know. Thanks so much. I’m cutting it out as printed and will let you know! Still trying to decide if I want to go to the extra trouble of the HK seams. I think I should since yours looks so nice!

      • It took quite a while as each seam needs at least 2 times more effort, but it is so nice to see & show. If you can use pre-made bias binding, that would save time & effort too. I’d say go for it, just know it won’t be a quick project.

  3. Ugh. I hate that purchased stiff bias binding! If I’m going to this extra effort, I might as well use the good stuff, right?? The most tedious part for me is cutting out all those slippery silk charmeuse bias strips. But I’m done with that and on to the fun part!

    • The cutting out of the pattern pieces, the binding, and marking everything is the most tedious part to me, then the sewing and construction is the most satisfying. Good luck, happy sewing, and I look forward to seeing your finished jacket!

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