Silk Hi/Low Hem Tank Top


S1693blackfront          S1693         S1693blackback        S1693blackbackdetail

I finally got to making this black silk tank top for my niece that I promised her nearly a year ago. Bad Auntie!

I made it from Simplicity 1693 pattern, which I have made for myself before, also in silk. I used the back side of the silk charmeuse so that it is not as shiny as the face of the fabric is, but it is still quite luxurious and soft to wear. I made the bias binding strips, using the shiny side of the fabric as the side that will show for around the neckline and armholes. I made French seams throughout and sewed a lovely faceted glass button from Button Emporium on for the back closure opening with a thread chain loop.

It is hard to see from the photos and in this inky black color the luxuriousness of this blouse and the bust dart, but trust me, it’s really nice! I have another identical one already cut out and ready to sew for myself, or to sell to someone if the opportunity arises. I have other nice silk materials that I could whip up into this top as well. It is a very simple style, but I think it will look great with skinny jeans, tucked into a pencil skirt, under a jacket or cardigan over it, and a with nice necklace or scarf around the neck. It is a great basic tank in a luxe, soft silk with a little updated style twist. Gotta have it!

I found similar silk tanks online from high-end retailers going for $129 to $179, so it makes me very happy to know that I can make this blouse in a few hours using a little over a yard of fabric costing about $30-$40 using really nice silk and a nice button, or other closure options (a nice lightweight little zipper would look cute here too). Other design options could develop from this pattern such as insets of other materials such as leather, mesh or lace, trim such as embellishments, beading, or bindings. I have so many ideas swarming around in my head!

Here are some images I gathered of comparable silk tanks going for at least $138 at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus:

Joie Walton silk tank $138       Joie "Loriann" silk tank $178        Eileen Fisher Long Silk Tank $148

I am sending the tank top off to my lovely niece in Amsterdam, Holland today. I hope she likes it!

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