LRD (Litte Red Dress)

I have been a bad girl and have not blogged for quite some time, however I have a good excuse. I have been sewing up a storm lately, making one to two things a week. The folks at my favorite fabric stores are sick and tired of seeing me and tell me that I am obsessed with sewing and should really seek help.

So I suppose I need to start from here and go backwards.

ImageMy latest completed project is this drape neck elastic waist dress from McCall’s pattern 6069 (now out of print, but whatever, I like it!). I attempted to cut, mark and sew this little number on Saturday afternoon to wear out that night, but I ran out of time and finished it Sunday. It still was a quick and easy dress to make, especially after making it recently.

I look forward to wearing it, but it will have to be on a “skinny” day, as it is quite slinky and clingy around the cottage cheese zone on my butt. I’ll be sure to plan ahead, eat only veggies and no carbs, go for a run, do some squats and lunges and about 400 sit-ups, then I’ll be good to go out in public in this.


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