Love Letter script silk chiffon infinity scarf


Silk Infinity Scarf

I made this beautiful silk chiffon scarf, and am in the process of making up more. Soft, beautiful, slightly warming, interesting, personal and romantic to wear around the neck, winding around the neck as many times as desired.

Love Letter script silk chiffon infinity scarf I made for a gift for my lovely girlfriend Stephanie. This was a perfect sewing gift to make that only took 45 minutes to make, making sure to hand sew in my little label reading Love, Stephanie, especially since the fabric is like a love letter that goes on for infinity. 

I actually would LOVE to create my own script printed material as I can write a nice love letter, and my script handwriting is pretty nice. I could print it on cotton, silk, linen. Oooh! Another great creative idea on the list! 

I got orders to create at least 5 of these, plus I need to have one for my self, and more to spare to sell or for gifts. 

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